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Jekyll and Hyde New York

Idealist. Philanthropist. Man of Science. Club founder Dr. Henry Jekyll is all that and more. A lifetime spent in service to society culminated in the good doctor’s greatest, and some would say most tragic, experiment. Dr. Jekyll was always fascinated by man’s two separate natures: good and evil. Using himself as a test subject, he performed bizarre experiments to control humanity’s darker side. Unfortunately, he was seduced by his own malignant nature and on many occasions transformed into a diabolical madman whom he later named “Hyde.”

Dr. Jekyll’s alter-ego reveled in his newfound freedom. His lust for vice and depravity soon left a trail strewn with innocent victims. Hyde had truly become a monster. And Jekyll realized at last that the evil nature to which he had voluntarily yielded now threatened to dominate his life.

In 1931, Dr. Jekyll fled London and traveled to New York, a city filled with outcasts and wanderers. Continuing his research in the hope of finding a way to rid himself of Hyde, Jekyll formed a close circle of advisors and allies and together they founded the club
you are now visiting. It soon became a social meeting place for explorers, philosophers, biologists and other daring men and women whose exploits into science and adventure were deemed too unorthodox by their colleagues in accepted society. But these visionaries shared a common goal: to understand the darker nature that lurks within us all.

Jekyll and his compatriots filled the club with artifacts and trophies from their numerous amazing adventures. Many of the oddities in this unusual collection have a life of their own, so guests are warned Anything can happen at Jekyll and Hyde!

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