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Jet Club is Montreal’s turbo-charged party scene, conveniently located in downtown Montreal’s world-renowned entertainment district. A recent addition to the dance club community in Montreal, Jet Club has landed with all the pomp and circumstance of a major international rock star coming into town for a one-night only performance. The good news though, is that Jet Club is here to stay and is quickly reinventing the nightlife industry with its hot music, first-class DJs, and chic venue. When you step into Jet Club, the ample room and functional layout of the joint immediately impress you. On the first floor, guests enjoy a large dance floor, 2 extended bars, sophisticated VIP tables, as well as a raised platform for the DJ booth. On the second floor, there is another large bar and 2 sprawling, plush seated VIP areas for more intimate gatherings. The decor is ultra-modern and ultra sleek with white walls, white tables and glass railings. Nearly 1,000 of Montreal’s club elite come out to Jet Club each weekend to experience the intense and energetic vibes emanating from this club nightly. Who is playing such hot jams? Elite DJs like Dj Bouda and Dj Keith Dean spin the top hits, mashups, house and R&B all night long to the clamoring crowds of young, hot, single men and women. Do they have weekly, uniquely themed parties and events you ask? Jet Club has ‘em! Events like “First Class Saturday” and “Mega Bus X-mas Party,” keep partygoers on the edge of their seat and waiting for instructions for takeoff from Jet Club’s DJs who pilot each dance party seamlessly. Once flying high with the crowd at Jet Club, partygoers can experience the finest VIP service, drinks, and food. Jet Club truly nails all the details when it comes to crafting the perfect party experience. Make it a priority to get to this club soon or risk being left behind!
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