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Jim Stafford Theatre Branson

Jim Stafford Celebrates 20 Years of Singin’ and Dancin’, Laughin’ and Pickin’ in Branson, Missouri!
Jim Stafford, voted Branson’s Best Entertainer, Best Comedy Show, and Best Personality, gives you something to laugh about!

At Jim’s show, during two hours of uncontrollable laughter, family fun takes on a whole new meaning. Joining in the fun is Jim’s son Sheaffer on the slide guitar, piano, fiddle, and drums. Daughter G.G. performs on the piano and adds some whimsical wit of her own. Both kids follow in dad’s footsteps with impeccable timing and excellent musicianship.

And just when you think it can’t get any better than this, Jim astounds you with his incredible guitar pickin’. From his unique version of the blues to his amazing versatility with the guitar you’ll marvel at Jim’s uncanny ability to play with your mind and strum your senses.
The red carpet treatment is what it’s all about at the Jim Stafford Theatre! Not only are Jim Stafford’s audiences seated in the most luxurious seats in Branson, but they can experience the Jim Stafford Show like never before. Premium surround-sound and state-of-the-art lighting makes Jim’s hilarious comedy and amazing guitar pickin’ an unforgettable experience.

Jim Stafford – singer, songwriter, comic-genius, and entertainer extraordinaire is self-taught on guitar, fiddle, piano, banjo, organ, harmonica, and the human brain – and he might bring any of them into play at any moment.