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jinx kitchen & lounge Portland

‘Memories are full of people, places, good cocktails and great tasting food.’

Half Breed Cocktails: Great American mixed drinks with spicy Thai twists. When mixed together, it creates an amazing taste and aroma like you have never tried before.

Food: One of the main goals at Jinx Lounge is to constantly elaborate and expand upon our knowledge of traditional dishes from Thailand. Our food will be specific and professional but simple to understand, honest, and to the point.

Management: Another goal of our restaurant is to establish relationships with local businesses and patrons in the community. Therefore, Jinx is really meant to be a favorite hangout for locals and visitors. This way, we could help to enhance the livelihood and economic vitality that has already announced itself in the Pearl District, or participating in local events. Our management strives to support local economy, whether it means using line caught fish and local meats, fundraising events through percentage of sales benefits, or donating to local school and non-profit organizations. We want to be a part of the high-quality, community-oriented shops that makes Pearl District what it is.