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Kaffe Krystal Miami


Kaffe Krystal

Kaffe Krystal has been a neighborhood icon of music and fun for over a decade. Now, we are inviting all music lovers and dancers in Miami to be part of the new Kaffe Krystal. Each of our specially designed nights is an opportunity to sample new music, learn new dance moves, make new friends, and create new traditions of pure fun.

If you are searching for the perfect place to indulge in an elegant and upscale dining experience look no further. Kaffe Krystal impresses in every way making it the perfect destination for any special occasion.
Welcome to Kaffe Krystal, Miami’s premiere destination for gourmet cuisine and impeccable service. Accented by soft lighting and elegant dcor, Kaffe Krystal aims to please and succeeds in doing so.The professional staff caters to its guests’ every need making sure not to cut corners and only offering the finest, highest quality ingredients. The menu is vast and eclectic showcasing an impressive selection of specialties. Treat your guests to an evening that they won’t soon forget. The professional and friendly staff at Kaffe Krystal looks forward to making your next dining experience truly unforgettable.

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