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Kamasutra ‘K’ Lounge New York

“A sensual and spiritual lounge experience inspired by the legendary Kamasutra”

Hotelier, Vikram Chatwal partnered with Gotham and Mallika Chopra-scions of spiritual Guru, Deepak Chopra, to create a nocturnal NYC lounge, based on their ancestral homelands famed treatise on desire.

Veteran designer Alan Jonathan Lanigan, transformed this second story midtown space by using spicy colors of curry, cayenne and cinnamon to provide a vibrant and stimulating palette for the eye. In addition, Maharajah engraved sliver tables,a marble and glass bar from Rajasthan, plush ottomans and oversize floor pillows offer uninhibited comfort throughout the lounge.

With a stunning diorama featuring mountains, lavish gardens and turreted palaces inspired by the beauty of Udaipur in Rajasthan and walls featuring original Kamasutra temple carvings , the lounge houses an atmosphere that is relaxed, yet sensually charged.

Frequented in the past by renowned DJ’s and celebrities, the Kamasutra K Lounge was closed for a short period and has now re-opened with its original grandeur and charm. Its time to party…Kamasutra Style!

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