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Karamba Bar Cancun


Karamba is proud to be gay and the only survivor in Cancun from the 80´s. Established in 1986, Karamba has crossed 3 decades, always fashionable from generation to generation.

Located in the heart of downtown Cancun on the city’s main Avenue (Tulum Avenue) we are readily accessible by urban transportation, taxis, and parking is available (view map). Karamba is open Tuesday to Sunday for our 100% Gay clientele with daily entertainment to please all tastes. We open our doors at 10:30 at night and begin playing a wide variety of popular and modern music.

Local Gay people consider Karamba to be the best Gay nightclub in the history of Cancun. Karamba proudly receives a great number of national and foreign visitors, predominately from the United States, Canada, Europe and recently Latin America. With a capacity for 450 people, Karamba is in perfect atmosphere after midnight, when our local customers usually arrive.

We recommend all our customers carry an identification verifying age of majority or they may be denied entrance. Tourists who visit us on a Friday or Saturday night take home the best souvenir of their Cancun vacation, their memories. It is said that if you went to Cancun and did not visit Karamba…you did not go to Cancun.