Katra’s cuisine conceptualizes the synthesis of flavors and spices from traditional Middle Eastern/Moroccan fare with the lasting influence of French cuisine on the culture. This innovative balance is achieved by consulting Chef Jonathan Lindenauer. His imagination and expertise in fusion cooking has created a tapas style menu that will be the envy of foodies everywhere.

Katra incorporates intimate dining and cocktails amidst a unique and authentic décor. With one of a kind light fixtures and rich furnishings imported from Morocco, Katra’s surroundings stimulate the senses and create a warm and dramatic environment for any event.

Katra’s menu fuses the flavors and spices of traditional Middle Eastern/Moroccan dishes with French cuisine. Your experience continues with Katra’s signature cocktail menu, blending aromatic ingredients with creative flair. Every detail is carefully executed and all elements come together for an experience that blends the old world with the new world.

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4.10.2015 Remix Fridays
Katra, New York
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Katra, New York