Ketchup – National Horbor



Ketchup takes classic American cuisine and catapults the dishes into the modern age: menu inspirations based on childhood favorites, recreated with a gourmet, upscale twist. The Dolce Group takes the traditional American grill: boring and predictable, and reinvents the concept to create Ketchup: youthful, innovative and fun.

say goog bye to the tired american grill and steakhouse concept : no more oversized mahogany booths, checkerboard-tiled floors, sepia-toned photographers of yesteryear, boring background music and atmosphere on par with a senior citizens buffet in a midwestern shopping mall. Instead , at Ketchup patrons stride across a luminescent floor right into the midst of a white – hot party and sink down into a sleek, streamlined, and surprisingly comfortable Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed chair.