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King Cat Theater Seattle

King Cat Theater

The King Cat Theater opened in downtown Seattle in 1974 as the King Cinema. Built by the Walter Reade circuit, the name reflects King County as well as local King Broadcasting Co. which was owned at the time by the Bullitt family. The Kings auditorium is a cozy room with stadium seating. A massive golden-tan curved drapery glides open to reveal a big movie screen. The King Cat Theater was in the local movie spotlight in 1977 for movies and for years has been a venue for concerts and artists like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

The King Cat theater is now run by Jhankar Production and once again is open to host various shows.

Our goal is to indulge our patrons passion for music and theatre. We will infuse the local scene with music and theatre from around the world. We provide the venue and ambiance to support our local , national and international music and theatre scene. We aim to support the community by providing a lush lounge for those small to local jazz artists, singers, and acoustic bands. King Cat will also show movies from the classics, foreign films and host film festivals.

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King Cat Theater Presents Darude & Randy Boyer (7/8/2011) @ King Cat Theater
King Cat Theater, Seattle
Borgore + Reid Speed (5/28/2011) @ King Cat Theater
King Cat Theater, Seattle