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Kion Dining Lounge New York

Fusion(fyu-zh&n)noun – merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole —— Kión Redefines Fusion with Peruvian Japanese Cuisine in a Setting that Blends Dining and Lounging.

From the merging of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, to the melding of a lounge atmosphere with comfortable dining, Kión brings together diverse elements to create a unique experience.

With food that is seriously delicious, yet fun; festive cocktails; and a long list of sakes all served in a sparkling setting, Kión – Peruvian for ginger root — is a place to entertain and to be entertained.

The space has its own kinetic energy, derived from the calming movement of water, the shimmering of the lights, the textures of stonewalls reflecting blue and red light off of recycled chunks of glass, and fog-diffusing lamps above a rocky floor.

Visitors are greeted by a large undulating bar, curved to resemble a flowing river, and filled with constant stream of recycled water that moves through a concealed water tank. In the dining room, wood tables engraved with the image of a red gingerroot, pay homage to the restaurant’s name.

Downstairs, there are several distinct areas: a private Japanese-style tatami mat dining room, a banquet room with communal tables for large parties, and a ceviche/raw bar, all of which can be customized for private parties and events.

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