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Koi Bar A new hot spot was spawned on St Laurent Boulevard called Ko . Inspired by the wack music scene in Montreal, "Ko " was targeted to, music fans from all over the city. Be it Old School Hip Hop (Biggie to Tribe Called Quest), 90's R&B (Yes Ladies! 90's R&B - From Brandy to Aaliyah), Classic House (Nightcrawlers to Modjo), or even 80's Hits (from Depeche Mode to Madonna) - Ko fills the void that other clubs and lounges can't fill. All set in a beautiful and intimate venue, Ko Bar plays host to many of montreals hottest people.Music is provided by the talented, creative, and innovative Djs. All set in a stunning decor at Ko Lounge - offers fully equipped VIP Booths accompanied by a spectacular Bottle Service, a pleasant vibe with polite staff and to mention, No Cover!