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Formerly known as the Warehouse Concert Venue, this is a very ’90s reno on the very ’80s RPM digs, Kool haus is architecturally stunning and crowded — a pretty club that draws pretty people. Designed as the live concert extension to the neighbouring Guvernment club, this venue plays host to numerous special events and concerts. The renovated party space has a larger technologically-enhanced stage accompanied by a newly designed DJ booth with the ultimate in sound. Kool haus has three rooms and two patios, including a patio on the roof.

kool haus
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The Kool Haus is a popular music and live entertainment venue located within a nightclub complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada called the Guvernment. The complex consists of two separate venues: Kool Haus and the Guvernment. The two venues have often been combined to host a wide variety of large events including corporate events, private parties and fashion shows. As separate venues, the Guvernment and Kool Haus specialize in different industries. Kool Haus sister facility is primarily known for its DJ line-ups and club setting. The Kool Haus Toronto, on the other hand, specializes in small concerts and live entertainment. Since opening in the 1990s, Torontos Kool Haus has become a premier venue in Canadas music scene.

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David Guetta (6/18/2011 8:00:00 PM) @ KOOL HAUS
KOOL HAUS, Toronto
Nelly (3/24/2011) @ KOOL HAUS
KOOL HAUS, Toronto