Canada: 604.283.6601

Kubo Toronto

A cozy Asian Pub and Eatery with a comfy, creative vibe. $3 pints, friendly service, and an amazing menu, as well as catering and delivery. Diners are instantly warmed up by the red-and-black decor and candelit atmosphere. Favourites include ‘Wham, Bam, Thank You Yam!,’ ($6.95) delicious sweet potato dumplings served piping hot with crispy dough and a maple-ginger glaze and the ‘F.O.B’ ($13.95) Vegetarian Chow Mein, flavourful and packed with veggies. With a large menu full of veggie and meat options, like Peking Duck, Jerk Chicken Stew, and Striploin with Beet Chips, this restaurant takes comfort food to an exotic new level. This is the perfect place for a relaxed dinner with an old friend, or a good creative choice to impress a first date.

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