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La Costanera Restaurant San Francisco


La Costanera boasts a colorful and wonderful Peruvian fusion menu, that applies, French, Japanese, and Chinese techniques, but does not forget the at home feeling of just grabbing food from a street cart on the roads or Peru.  The appreciation and detail and care that is put into the food is uncanny.  The family style feel of the service and the surprise your meal is on us, makes it interesting if not most exciting to visit this restaurant on more than one occasion.  The fresh and bold well presented ceviche’s,   to the simply deliciously fried clamari, or chicken, which will give you that warm feeling of being in mom’s kitchen, or the shockingly cold, but wonderful causas,  are only a few of the things to try on the extensive menu.  The wine list is hand tailored to match with all of the food served, and predominately consists of Spanish and Portuguese wines.  Never to fear!  The educated and food savvy staff, will help you with your selections.

Salsa every 2nd and 4th Thursday as well as Reggae every 3rd Thursday! 


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