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LA TULIPE Montreal

Placed within the historical jewel that is Montreal’s Dominion Theatre building, La Tulipe has been a cultural mainstay on Papineau Street since its opening in 2004. The theatre, which was built it 1913, hosted the finest in live performance and cinema for decades until it was closed down in the 1960s. It didn’t stay closed for long; Gilles Latulippe purchased it in 1966 and reopened it the next year under the name The Variety  Theatre. For the next few decades it became Montreal’s premier spot for jazz, burlesque, comedy.

The building’s grand tradition for hosting the best in live entertainment continues with La Tulipe. Today, the venue host all types of events including rock concerts, burlesque show, live jazz performances and much more. In addition to special events, La Tulipe hosts a variety of weekly events that draw in the regulars. Their 80s/90s night is unparalleled, and with reasonably priced drinks available and the best staff in town, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen La Tulipe is their go-to spot for a fun night out in Montreal.

More than just a spot to catch an awesome live show, La Tulipe is an immersive social experience. The venue attracts incredibly diverse crowds. On an average night you could wind up on the dance floor with anyone from 18-80. Both French and English speakers will feel right at home here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been living in the city all your life or if you’re just in town to visit, you’re bound to have a great time at La Tulipe.

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