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Labor Day 80s Bash Fort Lauderdale


It’s time to flashback to the days of bad haircuts and first kisses. SAS celebrates the 80s and 90s musical classics from artists Michael Jackson to Journey. With the majority of venues playing only the hits of today, David Mendoza saw a need to bring back the old crowd favorites. Mendoza collaborates with SAS Martini Lounge in dedicating one whole night a week to recreating the 80s and 90s magic. SAS Martini Lounge located in Hollywood’s Young Circle is the perfect home for such a night. The bar provides a fun upbeat environment. Expect to hear top the chart hits from artists such as Madonna, Prince, Run DMC, New Kids, Sir Mix Alot, Notorious BIG and Spice Girls for well-rounded commemorative evening. Mendoza comments “People are always saying ‘I haven’t heard that song in ages!’ or ‘I played that song in the first car I ever bought!’” Whether it’s the Michael Jackson song that had you moonwalking through high school or the Vanilla Ice song that inspired your awful haircut, SAS invites you to join the crowd in revisiting their former “cooler” days. So go ahead, bust out an off-the-shoulder shirt and some neon accessories. Just be sure to save the fist pumping for the Jersey shore. Air guitars and air microphones welcome.