United States: 323.604.6030

Landsharks Indianapolis

Hours of Operation
Monday, Friday & Saturday: 8pm-3am
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9pm-3am

Dress Code
In order to maintain the integrity of our private establishment and a peaceful, fun atmosphere for ALL patrons, Landsharks will implement the following dress code:

We reserve the right to deny entry to any possible patron at our discretion
Must have 2 forms of ID
Any patron perceived to be intoxicated will be denied entry
No visors. Baseball caps OK, but must be worn forward.
No Athletic gear of any sort (Except on game day)
No recognized gang attire
All chains must be tucked in
No saggy pants, jean shorts or shorts below the knee. Pants MUST be worn at waist
You must have sleeves
No oversize clothes or long tees

Management has empowered our door staff to refuse entry based on the above criteria or based on demeanor at their discretion