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Las Palmas Block Party Los Angeles

Loyal Pennings, a ground-breaker in the LA nightclub scene, made his splash in 1998 as the innovator who made a rundown Mexican restaurant in downtown Hollywood into the most sought-after spot in Las Vegas. Found in the area just to the north of the Hollywood Boulevard, long before the millions of investment money that have made Hollywood what it is today, Las Palmas Avenue was a nondescript side street more known for its trinket shops, places to get tattoos, and mini-marts than anything else.

Las Palmas was a standout in the neighborhood. It was a dark, sumptuous and energetic spot, weaving upscale details into its colorful Latin American decor. Low lighting and sexy, dark leather accents and cushioned seating that ran along the wall contrasted with the unimpressive nature of the rest of the neighborhood, making it feel like an undiscovered hotspot in comparison, much like a speakeasy for the most in-the-know in town. Las Palmas nightclub was in the frontrunners of places putting together ultra-chic cocktails with the freshest of ingredients and had a constant soundtrack featuring the most wanted DJs. Many of the biggest names in the entertainment business made it a habit of gracing the club, making Las Palmas the #1 exclusive spot on everyone list for five full years – a title rarely won in fickle Hollywood.

After many years of throwing the best of parties, Loyal decided to give Las Palmas a face-life in 2003. His goal was to give the place a modern looks and create a new feel by bringing in some of the hottest young entrepreneurs around. John Terzian and Brian Toll were brought to create the now well known club LAX. Since this momentous switch, the three partners have gone on to form h.wood group, which owns h.wood, the tea room at h. wood and, of course, Las Palmas.

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