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Last Chance Saloon Chicago


People from all over northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and beyond join us here in Grayslake. Last Chance Saloon has been the center of the Grayslake scene for quite some time now…a place to gather, enjoy a good lunch or dinner, take in some entertainment, have a cold beer, eat breakfast on the weekend, and so much more.  

Here at Last Chance Saloon, we take a lot of pride in our food, using recipes that have been handed down through the generations. We have a reputation for hearty and delicious country-style food, and you can be sure that we aren’t short on portions. Not a soul walks away hungry from our tables. We have everything from full steak dinners to sandwiches, from the classic fish fry to the world famous burger…something to suit every taste at any time of day.

One of the greatest things about the saloon is that all are welcome: young, old, and everyone in between. Kids love our spacious dining area. We have a full length bar, multiple big screen TVs, along with pool tables and other games in the back. You are welcome to come in for a drink, join us for a meal, or just hang out. There is always something going on here. On Friday and Saturday nights, steel your nerves and join in some karaoke. Last Chance Saloon is always open on holidays too.  Last Chance Saloon is dedicated to the American spirit of the Old West. There is an old Indian saying: "My brother, when you come to my lodge, the robe will be spread and the pipe lit for you." We take these words to heart – you are always welcome here.

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