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LastCall New Orleans


Nightclub located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA

Last Call opened its doors on April 12, 2001. It had taken over seventeen years for the building to evolve to its present glory. The building, circa 1800’s began its history as a nightclub in 1984. Amist a whirlwind of controversy, “The Max was eventually opened as a nightclub/live music venue. Several years later, the business changed hands and yielded the short-lived “Rumors” and “Kix,” which followed a high-energy type format. In early 1991, the business was again sold to a group of individuals, including one of its present owners and “Uptown” was created. “Uptown” was another high-energy based format that lasted until the spring of 1993. The door swung open for “Goobers,” which began the party bar era, for another year. In the fall of 1994, “Bullwinkles” took night life to the extreme for a record seven year run. No other nightclub had survived as long in the area.

In 2000, controversy again swirled around 511 West Third Street. Bullwinkles and its owners were accused of breaking noise ordinance laws and had become involved in a constitutional fight for freedom of speech and acceptable noise limits. A Thibodaux City Judge ruled in favor of Bullwinkles and its owners and removed the existing law from use. Shortly thereafter, the Thibodaux City Council enacted a new law which was acceptable to all the downtown venues.

Although victorious, it was time for a change. Alcohol awareness had shifted the needs of patrons and the building was in need of a desparate facelift. The owners had recently acquired the building and decided that it needed new life it was time for Last Call! Begining on Ash Wednesday 2001, a massive force of contractors, laborers and nuclear scientists started the transformation. Extensive interior and exterior improvements were made, including the addition of a natural wood bar, exposing the original brick walls, custom copper work, new sound and lighting equipment, and a new exterior finish with canopy were only a few of the dynamic changes made.