l`Autre Galerie

Provocative; underground; counter-culture; highbrow lowbrow; tongue in cheek...Whatever you care to label it, the artists we feature have their own styles, voices, techniques.

L'Autre is home to artists like Heidi Taillefer; Zilon; Alejandro Boim; Francois Escalmel; Peter Fergusen; Paul Colpron, and also features the works of Gary Taxali, Chris Mars, Luke Chueh, and Eser Afacan...to name a few.

NB: This habitat is best suited for free-thinking animals. The flora and fauna (aka paintings and sculptures) may:

-open your mind
-provoke you
-make you think and feel
-elicit a laugh or two if you don't take it all so seriously...

Come in, browse, and enjoy the ride...

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