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Le Belmont Montreal

Located on the corner of Blvd St. Laurent and Ave. du Mont Royal, Le Belmont Sur Le Boulevard has been at the heart of Montreal’s nightlife for over twenty years. With diverse, original programming every week, from electronic music, rock, burlesque, hip hop, soul, jazz and performing arts, there’s something for everyone!
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EX EYE (Colin Stetson, Greg Fox, Shahzad Ismaily, Toby Summerfield), Deradoorian, Merk, Sofie Winterson 18+ #RBMAMTL Composé de Colin Stetson au saxophone, de Shahzad Ismaily à la basse et aux synthés, de Greg Fox à la batterie et de Toby Summerfield à la guitare, EX EYE promet de laisser une forte impression sur vos esprits… et vos [more]

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Insomniac Massacre (10/29/2011) @ Le Belmont
Le Belmont, Montreal
Teebee & Calyx (10/28/2011) @ Le Belmont
Le Belmont, Montreal