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Le Métropolis de Montréal Montreal

Like a cat, Métropolis seems to have been gifted with nine lives. The building first housed a skating rink in 1884, then a summer theatre the following year. Severely damaged by fire at the turn of the century, it was converted back into a theatre, then a cinema beginning in 1923, before once again falling victim to fire as the 1930s opened.

Renovated and decorated shortly thereafter by Emmanuel Briffa, the man responsible for the décor of the Théâtre Outremont, the building returned to its first love, the theatre, before housing an adult cinema from 1960. After closing its doors in 1981, it reopened six years later, this time as a discothèque.

Following L’Équipe Spectra’s acquisition of the building in 1997, Métropolis became a live performance venue, highly appreciated by both the public and the many artists who’ve performed there.

Located on Ste. Catherine St., in the heart of downtown Montréal, Métropolis has a 2 300 capacity. The venue has hosted an array of memorable concerts by artists including David Bowie, Beck, Les Rita Mitsouko, Green Day, the White Stripes, Björk, Bran Van 3000, Ben Harper, Nickelback, Coldplay, Corneille, Les Cowboys Fringants and Jean Leloup—the artist who has performed the most concerts in the venue. Popular TV program La Fureur has also filmed there on several occasions.

While hosting live performances remains its primary purpose, Métropolis occasionally returns to its old habits, transforming into a discothèque or a reception hall for launches, corporate events and meetings of all kinds.

Métropolis now also features an annex, the Savoy, with a capacity of 220. With its chandeliers and intimate ambience, the décor of the Savoy calls to mind the Belle Epoque of the cabarets. A unique cachet, a unique location.

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Le Métropolis de Montréal, Montreal
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Le Métropolis de Montréal, Montreal