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Le Velvet Speakeasy Montreal

The Velvet Speakeasy is hidden under the Auberge Saint-Gabriel, in Old Montreal. To access the speakeasy, visitors walk through the Saint Gabriel into the basement, down a long candle-lit hallway that leads you to the Velvet Speakeasy’s hidden wonders. The dance floor is filled with Montreal’s most elite trendsetters, and the bar’s delicious cocktail menu has contributed to the Velvet Speakeasy’s reputation as one of the finest clubs in Montreal.

New resident DJs and moved into Velvet and the people of Montreal have never been more ready! Featuring DJ Maüs, an incredible DJ who has the wonderful gift moving the crowd to dance until the wee hours of the morning. Velvet is the ideal Montreal venue to host outrageous events and plays host to the city’s hottest party people. Drink, dance, and let loose to the incredible music and entertainment all week!

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Funk Rite – Drôles d’Oiseaux – Jul 22
Le Velvet Speakeasy, Montreal
Shaydakiss – A-Rock – Jun 30
Le Velvet Speakeasy, Montreal