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Le Velvet Speakeasy Montreal

The Velvet Speakeasy is hidden under the Auberge Saint-Gabriel, in Old Montreal, a history-filled inn built way back in the 18th century (specifically in 1754). To access the speakeasy, visitors have to walk through the Saint Gabriel into the basement, down a long candle-lit hallway that leads you to the Velvet Speakeasy’s hidden wonders. Truly live the experience of a hidden, 20s-style nightspot in Montreal, enjoying state-of-the-art amenities in a retro setting.

Once you’re inside The Velvet, you’ll see how the dance floor is filled with Montreal’s most elite trendsetters and the most scandalously short minis. While you enjoy the bar’s delicious cocktail menu, it’ll be clear how The Velvet has quickly turned into one of the ultimate party spots in a city that’s already world famous for its wild partying scene.

New resident DJs and moved into Velvet and the people of Montreal have never been more ready! Featuring DJ Maüs, an incredible entertainer who has the wonderful gift of moving the crowd to dance until the wee hours of the morning, your evening at this one-of-a-kind venue is bound to be one of unforgettable partying. The best of the underground scene of Montreal DJs awaits in this venue straight out of a parallel universe, and you’re invited to join in the debauchery.

With a thousand candles and thick smoke surrounding you, beautiful barmaids dressed in Roaring 20s fashion and some of the most delicious and original drinks you’ll find throughout Montreal, Velvet is here to give you an exhilarating experience and make you feel like you’re inside a London speakeasy or straight-up in a New York City bar from the time of the Prohibition. Velvet is the ideal Montreal venue to host outrageous events and plays host to the city’s hottest party people. Drink, dance, and let loose to the incredible music and entertainment all week!

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Unders + Baham – May 11
Le Velvet Speakeasy, Montreal
Mitch Oliver & Papa Ours – May 4
Le Velvet Speakeasy, Montreal