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Leela Lounge New York


Leela lounge & Restaurant has infused a breath of fresh air into the culinary scene in New York. The menu is a fantastic combination of tastes, colors and fragrances that blend the flavors of India with the foods of a global Diaspora.

Our dynamic culinary team hand craft a delightful amalgam of innovative appetizers and traditional delicacies with a New York flair, such as the Zaikedar Champen- Tandoor roasted lamb chops flavored with nutmeg, ginger and cilantro or the Hyderabadi Hara Murgh- Herb grilled chicken breast served on a bed of mustard greens infused with caramelized onions, roasted garlic & ginger. All our food is cooked with healthy and seasonal ingredients, and without the use of heavy cream or butter.

The playful and eminently palatable menu is accompanied by an assortment of exciting drinks such us the signature Lycheetini, Old Monk Hangama and ever naughty Sex in Goa.

Whether you are in the mood to lounge in comfort with a few friends and refreshing cocktails or to embark on an epicurean journey through the Indian Diaspora, or just to play, Leela lounge is the place for you!

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