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Lenny’s Bar Atlanta

Lennys is the CBGB’s of Atlanta. We are a vital part of music scene. Lennys is Atlanta’s best local venue for good bands and touring acts. Sound: Lennys has a 16 channel board, 2 JBL and 4 Yahmmah main speakers, 2 EVO subs, 4 monitors, 6 compressors, Effects, and Proffesional Sound.and two Direct in boxes. We accept donations of old gear and cords. We are a dive bar that works on the support of the community. We open usually at 11am with FREE POOL on Tuesday and Thursday. We do hip-hop, country, rock, punk, indie rock, jazz, blues, drum and bass, noise, art, expermental, and everything!

307 Memorial Dr Se
Atlanta, GA 30312-2119

150 people Limit. No One Under The Age of 21 Permited By Order of The City of Atlanta.

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