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Libation Restaurant and Lounge New York

“Libation is the nightspot for superior food and drink!” Signature Cocktails Tapas Dining Available for Private Parties The raucous, friendly atmoshpere of an Irish pub meets the trendy Lower East Side in this new bar and lounge. Enjoy expertly mixed drinks ranging from “Yesterday’s Classics” to “Libation’s Own Tomorrow’s Classics” like the Big Apple Cobbler or the O-jito. In addition, dine on American Tapas which blends traditional flavors in unexpected ways. There’s enough to please every palate. There’s pleney of room on each of the three levels to see and be seen as this lounge makes a new mark on Manhattan. An open lower level gives way to a “VIP” mezzanine area and overlooking it all is an enclosed private party room on the third floor. Libation is a nightspot created for clientele who demand superior food and drink in a fun, upscale atmosphere.

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