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Living Nightclub Montreal


Living Nightclub

Montreals nightlife scene offers a wide variety of choice when it comes to clubs, but not many cam claim to be true cameleons, meaning they can successfully offer more than one concept and musical style at once Nevertheless, House Nightclub is one of those joints that offers 3 floors, each with its own dcor and musical style (House, RnB or 90s). DJ-wise, House regularly showcases local talents such as Franco Fabi, Danny Torrence, DJ Japa, DJ Sted, DJ Blast and DJ Renegade. All levels are uncluttered yet warm with fusions between wood and stone. The experience is worth tryingand repeating! For the musical direction, the name says it all! House music is the main attraction here, where the average age is about 25. The clientele is also dressed for the occasion, which goes very well with the modern dcor. Despite renovations of the former Living Nightclub, which produced House, the main room appears smaller than its previous generation, which is a shame, as the dancefloor takes up most of the space. This means that the rest of the main room appears packed earlier, around the bars, but the downside is that it makes it tougher to get a drink. Gone is one of the beautiful brick walls which adorned Living, though one does, thankfully, remain. The dimly-lit intimate lounge, in the basement, is where one brings a new friend to get away from the main room, while. For a change of pace, venturee to the hip-hop room on the top floor. House may be located on one of the busiest party streets in Montreal, Saint-Laurent boulevard, yet its located north of most of the walking traffic.

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Living Nightclub, Montreal
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Living Nightclub, Montreal