Living Room

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Lounge NightClub Megaplex 11,000 Square Feet Multi-Room Cyber Modulated Experience Living Room NightClub, the new concept ultra lounge nightclub megaplex, is the first of its kind on the Florida coast. At 11,000 square feet, this multi-room, multi-format venue is a completely interactive and cyber modulated nightlife experience. The three main rooms at Living Room NightClub are called moodspaces, because they change with the modulations of the room. Room 1: Opal Room A white mood changing uber chic lounge space with water based technology. Room 2: Meditation A Zen inspired living loft space with floating beds overlooking the water and jellyfish constellations moving toward the sky. Room 3: The Gate Hardcore dance room with a million dollar cyber art collection and unstoppable lighting technology. The sound is by Dynacord, the Bentley of audio.