United States: 323-604-6030

Lo-Fi Seattle

I am a multi-faceted liberation facilitator located in downtown seattle. I provide a unique environment for consciousness expansion via live music, multi-media installations, sculpture, dance, and avant-garde exploration. I’ve acquired a liquor licence and I currently am booking forward-thinking artists // musicians for life altering future performances. I am available as a rental space for any event imaginable, as well as a rehearsal space for dance classes.

Do you want to book one of the best party spaces to showcase your live music via live Band, DJ set or other unique style of musical art? Then look no further than Lo-Fi! With plenty of drinks and lots of space to dance, mingle, party, and celebrate, I am more than happy to accomodate your night out! Book a VIP party with me or come and celebrate just about any celebration you can think of! Dance and move all night as the local and international talent rocks your world! For a different and unique place to party in Seattle come visit me! My name: Lo-Fi.