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L’Olympia De Montreal


L`Olympia De Montreal

Built in 1925, the Montreal Olympia theatre is one of the most precious jewels of Montreal’s cultural and architectural heritage. Its years devoted to “cinematic theatre” lends it a unique flavour. Memories of the past still linger, doubled with an unparalleled convivial atmosphere. Its ideal location (near the Berri-UQAM metro station) makes it one of Montreal’s most accessible venues.

The voices of the biggest names in local and international music still resonate in its halls, from Gilles Vigneault to Tori Amos, and including Daniel Bélanger, Claude Léveillé, Georges Brassens, Loreena McKennit and Les Rita Mitsouko. The Montreal Olympia broadened its cultural horizons by welcoming well-known local comedians (Louis-José Houde, Daniel Lemire, Clémence Desrochers, Lise Dion, Jean-Michel Anctil) as well as many theatrical productions. Broue—a cornerstone of Quebec’s theatrical history—was presented on its stage for over seventeen years. The Olympia is also the perfect setting for all kinds of corporate functions including company meetings, presentations of any type and fundraisers.

The Montreal Olympia is now run by new management who are dedicated to the preservation of this unique venue featuring extraordinary acoustics and digital-quality sound. It is proud to offer a variety of services for events of all kinds.

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Enrico Macias | 13 mai 2018
L’Olympia De Montreal, East End
Christophe Maé | 8 mai 2018
L’Olympia De Montreal, East End