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Louisville Palace

The Louisville Palace
625 South Fourth Street Louisville, KY 40202
502.583.4555 Administration
502.583.9955 Administration Fax
Facility Type: Proscenium/Historical
P A R K I N G / D I R E C T I O N S
The Louisville Palace provides safe, guarded, convenient, well-lighted parking.

There are over 1800 parking spaces within a one block radius of the Louisville Palace.

Uniformed security is posted during all scheduled events. The Theatre's security and ushers are happy to escort and aid patrons who request assistance to and from their cars, before and after the performance.

Please call 583.4555, ext. 2 for additional information or visit the Guest Services Desk in the Lobby during your performance.

Handicap parking is available in the 5th Street Parking Garage, including parking for large vans. Patrons can also drop-off and pick-up other patrons directly in front of the the Palace as long as someone remains in the car.