Lounge 125

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Lounge 125 Lounge OneTwoFive is Philadelphia's premier privae social club located in the heart of Olde City, open 7 nights a week serving members till 3AM and partying till 3:30AM. With a state of the art sound system and cozy dance floor, Lounge OneTwoFive offers it members and guests the best dance music in the area. In addition to the spacious bar, Lounge Ontwofive is also furnished with VIP seating areas which include European bottle service. Lounge OneTwoFive is the Olde city's only true dance club and after hours venue. We are known for bringing in world class DJ talent as well as having the areas top local DJ's. Expect to hear a variety of EDM musc ranging from soulful, vocal house to heart pounding techno and trance. Every night offers a unique performance DJ's who keep the dance floor moving till 3:30am. Philadelphia's newest upscale, full featured nightspot. A delicate, yet vibrant atmosphere features European bottle service, VIP lounge, personalized liquor lockers and spacious dance floor. Enjoy the privacy and comfort of individual living room areas, featuring luxurious furniture and hand crafted steel tables. Or for the ultimate experience, reserve the VIP lounge and enjoy the convenience of European style bottle service and spectacular view of the dance floor. With a design team led by Kyber, the 2300+ square foot location boasts one of the most opulent settings in Philadelphia nightlife. In addition to the backlit blue acrylic and silver fabric columns, the walls are adorned with post modern and abstract art contributed from talented local artists. The Peacock marble bar features ever changing fiber-optic back and under lighting as well as a fully functioning waterfall display. Complete with engraved liquor lockers and separate VIP entrance, The Living Room at Lounge OneTwoFive is sure to impress.