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LQ Nightclub New York

You are going to want to show up early to LQ Nightclub as this hot spot gets packed quickly every night of the week! With a history dating back almost 70 years, this nightclub has well established it’s title as one of the best venues in New York. It is a sought after performance space for artists and performers from all corners of the globe, and a favorite destination for anyone who claims to know anything about nightlife in New York City.

LQ has been the backdrop for the most exclusive private events including weddings, luncheons, and functions, as well as countless photo and film shoots, fashion shows, and press conferences.

This exclusive nightclub offers an unbeatable VIP experience and features a stunning 15,000 square foot bar, a recessed dance floor surrounded by banquettes, a downstairs lounge, a VIP lair beneath Chinese-style marble arches and yet another upstairs VIP lounge with hidden nooks.

Indulge your every taste bud with LQ’s mouth-watering menu which includes creative drinks and appetizers such as champagne cocktails and bite-size roe-covered shrimp dumplings, flavorful crab cakes, or carpaccio-style Thai beef salad!

The venue is also available for private booking and makes for the perfect setting for your very own birthday party, New Year’s Eve celebration, function, or any other event you may be organizing. With hot DJs playing amazing music, the best staff and service in New York City, and an exclusive Latin-Asian fusion menu there is no way a night at LQ Nightclub could be less than perfect!

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Latin Hip Saturdays (1/31/2009) @ LQ Nightclub
LQ Nightclub, New York
Latin Hip Saturdays (Sizzling) (12/13/2008) @ LQ Nightclub
LQ Nightclub, New York