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Luahn New York

Owned by actor Stephen Baldwin, Luahn is an elite place to be seen in New York.
Luahn’s upper level evokes elements of the sea, with accents of deep-water blue,
earthen mahogany and reflective glass throughout.

The lower level conveys a slightly more intimate setting, harmoniously blending plush crimson velvet banquettes and stools with eclectic silver-top drop tables and soothing golden hued walls.
This is where models and people to be seen, and want to be seen, hang out and chill at til 5am.

As Jay Z chanted in his classic “BluePrint” Album, “we at Luahn getting our groove on…”
Stars and patrons admit to doing just that at this ever-so-spectacular night spot.

Celebrated personalities such as Derek Jeter, Julia Roberts, Robert Deniro, Russell Simmons, Giselle, and Jerry Seinfeld have come to enjoy all that Luahn has to offer.

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