United States: 305-747-7660

Luna Restaurant and Lounge Miami


We are a romantic dining destination that turns into an untamed lounge, offering the best of both worlds. Sheer white curtains, plush seating, candlelight, and stimulating sounds surround you. Our menu entices you. We offer an upscale Italian menu. We fuse time honored Italian culinary expertise with new, unconventional styling to produce exceptional dishes. We are offering cuisine for a new generation.

At 3,500 square feet of dining space, two full liquor bars, and a luxurious lounge Luna offers a perfect destination for a vast array of functions. Our state of the art sound system is played by our select DJ’s, whose music is completely versatile and customized. Tact, professionalism, and friendliness are emphasized in our service.

Our renowned executive chef, Massud Noorzai uses quality ingredients and allows the natural flavors to permeate.With romantic dining, a luxurious lounge, stimulating sounds, professional service, and high quality ingredients, Luna Restaurant & Lounge is a complete dining experience.

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