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Lunenburg Pub and Bar Ottawa

Lunenburg Pub & Bar is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa. It is within walking distance of National Capital attractions including the Rideau Centre, Byward Market, and The University of Ottawa.

Not just your traditional pub! The distinct tavern-like decor goes hand in hand with the Maritime characteristics and that good ole’ East Coast feel. It is no surprise that this venue was fashioned in the image of the hidden gem of Nova Scotia.

Situated in a Heritage Building, Lunenburg boasts one of the most unique interior layouts this city has to offer, as well as an all-season outdoor patio. Inside you will find three levels to satisfy all your entertainment needs. From our cozy main lounge area, to a unique and secluded lower level bar, to a spacious upper level high-energy dance floor hosting the hottest bands, Lunenburg does it all with a Maritime splash.

With over 15 flatscreen tv’s and a 500 person capacity, Lunenburg is ideal for enjoying your favourite sporting events. The Lunenburg Pub & Bar can accommodate all functions varying from both small and large social gatherings, private and corporate events.

So Join us for our exceptional and traditional Maritime fare, while also having the option of contemporary cuisine

Toast, Tales & Traditions – Lunenburg Pub & Bar

“Toast, to our seafaring legacy with wooden ships and iron men.

Tales, of our beloved Bluenose and our compelling rum-running antics

Traditions, began in 1753 with picturesque scenery, a Tick o Fog, and new world pleasantries

From the South Shores where the streets are straight and the corners are square, join us on our journey of an East Coast affair.”

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