United States: 323-604-6030

Lush Long Beach Los Angeles

Lush Lounge – 49 S. Pine Ave Long Beach, Ca.

LUSH LOUNGE; Has an Exotic Mysterious Ambiance and the Most Exclusive Outdoor Patio! 2 Rooms of Music will be on display to satisfy all musical tastes ranging from Hip Hop, Top 40, House, Electro, Latin ect..

Wednesdays 18+
Thursdays 18+
Friday 21+
Saturday 21+

For Birthday & Bottle Service Booking: via text or call 562-455-8074

Please dress to impress and fashionable attire is a must!

Make the most out of your night out. Treat yourself to the best experience and service a club has to offer. You and your VIP guests will leave with more than great memories of an exhilarating night. A Club VIP is a distinction everyone notices; from the moment you arrive, your VIP Concierge will greet you and your friends, whisk you away to bypass the lines and set you up in your personal space.

A very attentive and friendly waiting staff will get your party started right away. It’s an enviable place to be with all the smiles and perks that come your way during an ultra decadent night.

Bottle minimums: Clubs set the bottle minimums based on the demand for the night and the size and ratio of your group. If you have a lot of guys, typically you need more bottles – normally at least 1 bottle for every 3 or 4 guys, depending on the night. Groups of girls can get some great deals on bottles, since the clubs want as many girls in there as possible, they tend to get away with 1 bottle for every 5-7 girls.

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