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Mansion Baltimore

Mansion Baltimore (401 W Baltimore Street) is the newest nightclub on the Baltimore party scene. Located adjacent to The Hippodrome Theater and Starbucks, Mansion has revamped and renamed the same space that was once Club Bedrock and opened it’s doors this month.

Walking into Mansion Baltimore, it’s a bit smaller than expected. Still, that didn’t take away from the nightclub upgrades the nightclub has between it’s walls.

The walls are paneled in a red velvet as well as a black and white paisley print. The ceilings featured huge crystal chandeliers with hardwood floors. The club also has two large video screens, a neon laser light show, and the Cryogenics system (the machine that projects large amounts of fog into the crowd), this is an added touch that brings dimension to the club, but honestly makes it very hard to take pictures…all your pictures will turn out dark and cloudy (and you know we loooove to take pictures!).

Mansion Baltimore has followed the aesthetics of the Miami and Vegas style clubs: they turned 50% of the club into the VIP and the other 50% is general admission. Mansion Baltimore offers over 20 VIP bottle service tables. The right side of the club is a two-tier VIP section that has been roped off and the back of the club is a two-tier VIP section also. This is something different for Baltimore because most of the clubs in Baltimore only have small VIP sections and Mansion Baltimore has transformed half of the club into VIP.

The crowd in Mansion Baltimore was similar to that of its “M” competition’s Mist and Mosaic. The dress was sophisticate sexy, no jeans, white tees, or tennis shoes allowed.

The Go-Go Dancers were dressed in the shortest shorts and sequence bras as they danced in and elevated tier above crowd.

The VIP sections featured pole dancers in black and white two-piece outfits dancing and performing pole tricks to entertain the Very Important People. The bottle service hostesses were dressed alike also with black mini-skirts and gold and black corsets and the bouncers all wore black suits.

The music on Saturday night featured mostly House and Techno. DJ Ramses Spins was excellent, but not everyone in Baltimore is into Techno or House music and hopefully on other nights the DJ will play a variety of music to satisfy and attract diversity in the club.

The bar is fully stocked. A rum and Coke will run you $9, which is average for a club in downtown Baltimore.

The biggest positive about Mansion Baltimore is the valet parking for $10. I don’t know about you, but I hate driving around looking for a parking space and walking 3-4 blocks especially during the Winter months. One negative is the hallway downstairs leading to the bathroom. Ladies watch out! The floors downstairs are black and there is one step that a lot of women missed because they couldn’t see the step on the all black floors. There were a lot of slips and falls that night. The bouncers took notice and advised us they would alert management of the issue.