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Marconi Club of London


Mama Mia! Renovated banquet rooms & old-world Italian food keeps Marconi Club at the top of Bride & Groom must-see list
Reviewing the Marconi Club of London
Marconi club serves all ranges of food, but focused on Italian food. And not just any Italian food; the kind that is made the morning of your wedding, by hand, from scratch. Also the hall accommodates some of the larger sized weddings in London, preferably for over two hundred people. Wow! Marconi Club is what you looking for… and then some.
Tradition and good food meet here
We at the Marconi Club know that most Italian food lovers will do any thing to taste our Club, foods for its hand-made, authentic,  old-world Italian food. Many of the ingredients used in Our menus are made in Marconi’s kitchens from scratch, including noodles, sauces, and more. You can tell that the Club focus is much on their catering as on their large club and banquet halls. Weddings are very important to the club. It takes pride in the menus the club provides for their bride & gromm and the space in which accommodates their guests. Weddings are one of Marconi Clubs favourite events to host.
Each wedding menu at Marconi has the possibility of involving hours and hours of eating mouth-watering food. The average Italian menu served is six courses of pastas, meats, vegetables, salads, fruits, antipastos, desserts and drinks. These menus are most often served either sit-down or family-style on platters. Buffets are also an option. Canadian cuisine has just as much attention at the Marconi Club and it can work with you to put together a great menu to suit you and your guests’ tastes.
After over forty years, We still have the look
Marconi Club has several banquet rooms to choose from. Our largest room, the Marconi Hall Room, holds up to 495 guests. Their most popular hall, the Columbo, averages up to 200 guests. Just because this is the oldest club in town, doesn’t mean that their appearance reflects this. Renovations are on-going every year, to keep this long-standing club up to date.
The club has all recently added hardwood floors, ceramic tiles and  bathrooms. The colours are refreshingly light and airy, and won’t interfere with the colour scheme of any wedding. You can think of Marconi’s banquet halls as a sort of canvas waiting to be painted. The decorating options are endless in this space.

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• Holds up to 495 people (450 comfortably)
• Predominantly Canadian & Italian cuisine

• Every menu can be customized entirely according to bride and groom’s tastes

• Late night buffets available

• Club does all catering (no outside caterers)

• Bar Options: Host Bar, Cash Bar, Toonie Bar

• Can bring in your own wine, no corkage fees (club will close bar while wine is out)

• Should book about six months in advance

• Prices average from $49.95 to $65.95 per person

• Prices are subject to change without notice!