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Mardi Gras Boise


If you understand Boise’s rich music herritage, then you are probably aware of the impact that the Mardi Gras has had on the music scene. this hirstoric dance hall is a rare gem in the music community. Once a world famous stop for headlining acts in recent decades, this venue has hosted such notables as WAR’s 1969 “Spill the Wine tour” featureing , even REM has had the pleasure of preforming at this unique venue.

Join the Urban City beats crew on February 17 at the Mardi Gras! Welcoming to Boise TRONA [Seattle, WA]and a command return performance from LYFE [Bend, OR.] Featuring a two our tag team session with SIGHANYDE VS JACK THOMAS! Keeping the energy flow’n through the dance floor, DJ Whitenoiz will be laying down some sick DnB. Sure to be an event not to miss.