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Mardi Gras World New Orleans

Fun for all ages, Mardi Gras World gives you an authentic Mardi Gras experience all year round!

Take an exclusive tour of the secrets behind New Orleans’ main attraction: Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras World gives you a rare behind-the-scenes look at the magic of Mardi Gras. The tour
gives insight to the hard work and extensive planning that goes into such a grand event. Since 1947, Blaine Kern Studios has built the breathtaking parade floats for major parades not only for Mardi Gras, but for parades all over the world. Mardi Gras Parades would be nothing without the fantastical floats that line the parade route year after year. The hard work that goes into making these spectacles is what makes Carnival the greatest show on Earth!

Our knowledgeable guides take the mask off Mardi Gras with an all-access walking tour of the dens where these magnificent floats are born. Learn more about the history of this unique and festive tradition, and get a deeper look past the façade that the reputation of Mardi Gras holds. The whole family will love the experience of touring our facility where our artisans create the spectacular floats for over 40 parades each year.