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Masa New York

At Masa Restaurant, what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste all spring from the same complex sensibility – the ideas of shibui and umami.

Masa is shibui: simplicity devoid of unnecessary elements, and the honest presentation of materials.

Masa is umami: the basic essence or flavor inherent in each ingredient.

The experience begins at the arrival where diners are transported from the bustling mall into a 26-seat zen-like sushi temple. The choice of materials used to construct the dining room reflects the original beauty of nature. At the sushi counter, a heroic single slab of Japanese cypress Hinoki wood sets the performance stage. The backdrop behind the counter is a pond with a bamboo garden and a floral arrangement by
Masa according to the season.

Chef Masa takes the guests on a tour with a multi-course prix fixe menu according to seasonal availability at $400-$600 per person. Diners enjoy five carefully composed appetizers, followed by a sushi entree featuring fifteen to twenty types of exotic seafood directly flown in from Japan, and a dessert course to complete the meal. Each ingredient is given its own
spotlight to reveal its original essence.

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