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Maurice Young Millennium Place Whistler

MY place is a new, exciting, multi-faceted and versatile community centre that offers theatre, concerts, movies, slide shows multi-media events, religious ceremonies, day care, a teen centre, dance lessons plus a wide variety of courses including art, photography & drama. Maurice Young was a genuine Whistler ‘local’ from 1967 until He passed away in 1999. Maury served as Chairman of the Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation from 1988 through 1997. His family knows that Maury would have been proud of this community and of what it has become. He would have been honoured to have this building, which is dedicated to the community, bear His name.

Administration 604 935-8410
Box Office 604 935-8418
Whistler Village Church 604 935-8450
Teddy Bear Daycare 604 935-8415
The Whistler Arts Council 604 935-8419
TEEN CENTER 604 935-8187