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Maxi’s Nightclub & Lounge Seattle


Maxi’s Nightclub & Lounge

BEST NIGHT CLUB Take a lesson in fashion from the patrons of Maxi’s on the top floor of the Doubletree Hotel, the new winner in the Best Nightclub category (beating out our previous longtime Best Nightclub winner, the Bull Pen). At Maxi’s, grown men dress like grown men in double-breasted Nordstrom suits, French cuffs, silk ties, hand-ironed handkerchiefs, and shiny Italian shoes. Pretty ladies dress like pretty ladies in tight black no-back dresses, anklets with dangling charms, and towering stilettos. We’re told John Travolta once stayed at the hotel: We like to imagine him taking the elevator all the way up to the Saturday Night Fever of SeaTac, where he danced the night away. Perhaps, like the guy in the elevator when our research team visited Maxi’s, Travolta joked to the girl he picked up, “I hope you got a driver’s license on you so I can find out your name in the morning!”

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