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MB1 is the original University and trend setting hotspot!!! Your line up for the week is jam packed with cash and prize giveaways with tons of good times and good people!!!

Monday’s: “Karaoke Kash” It’s karaoke with a twish of cash!! Get up and sing and you can walk from that stage with some hard cash!!! That’s it that’s all!!! Tons of great people and awesome drink specials!!!

Tuesday’s: It the one and only “Sexy Time X-Plosion”!!!! Hosted by Winnipeg’s number one music station HOT 103!!! All the best in Hip Hop and Top 40. Dress sexay and seductive and walk away with cash playing some of the craziest bar games!!! Tom-Foolery!!!!

Wednesday’s: “Elite SUB-Urban Humpdays: Anti-Wanksta Edition” Wanna request 50 or M….nope go somewhere else!!! This night is for the crazy requests!!! You got the best prices for booze in town tonight!!!! Plus it’s crazy cheap draft night!!! Good times, good people!!! Hosted by the one and only DJ D-Lish!!!! Get er done!!!!

Thursday’s: “The Ultimate Guys Night Out!!! Version: Strip Poker!!!” Get in the game and play Poker at 7pm and you can walk away with elite swag or even cash!!!! All the Exotic beauties start on stage at 9pm and go ALL NIGHT!!!! Cover only $3!!!

Friday’s: It’s “FLASHback to the Future!”” 50’s, 60’s. 70’s, 80’s and a little bit of 90’s to start your weekend!!! We aren’t one of the fake poser retro night!!! We keep it real!!!! Unlike those corporate clubs!!! NO COVER!!!

Saturday’s: “CRYTPIC CHAOS” The best Goth/Industrial night in the city!!! Hosted by DJ Evil Bastard and DJ Ratche H!!!! If your not Punk or Goth…then F**k off!!! No outsiders or clones, or little wanksters on this night…unless you want to pay $25 to get in!!! $3 for the rest of us!!! Prizes for just being there…no bar games!!! The best drink prices in the ‘Peg!!! Come down to join the darkside!!! With all the candle lit, mist filled, and horror movie atmosphere attitude you can swallow!!!! Good times and good people!!! One of the best nights around!!!!

Sunday’s: “The RockBand War” The Xbox Rockband wars reign supreme on a sunday!!! There can be only one….Rockband in the end!!! Prizes for the best Rockband at the end of the month!!!!