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Mc Kibbins Irish Pub Montreal


Mc Kibbins Irish Pub

The historic and sandstone mansion built in 1904 by one of Canada’s most brilliant surgeons, Dr. Frank Richardson England, (1862-1942) and his wife, Grace Octavia Ritchie, (1868-1948) the first woman to received a degree in medicine in Quebec. Both worked at Western Hospital, which today houses the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Mrs. England was perhaps even more remarkable than her husband: Valedictorian of the first class of women to graduate from McGill University in 1888, she went to study medicine at Bishop’s when McGill refused to allow a woman to enter what was then a men’s profession. She set up private practice on Bishop Street, campaigned for women’s suffrage, legal reform and compulsory education, and was the first woman candidate fielded by the federal Liberals.

The England house was designed by Robert Findlay, the same architect responsible for the house next door at 1424 Bishop. The Dr. David Fraser Gurd Residence. “The front is of red sandstone, tastefully carved. Inside the finish is of the finest, and the house is an exceedingly comfortable one,” reported the Montreal Herald. “The study and the patient’s waiting room are well fitted up.”

Eating and Drinking Emporium
Located in a historic turn of the century stone mansion McKibbin’s has quickly developed a reputation of being Montreal’s eating and drinking emporium. Situated at 1426 Bishop Street, named after the McKibbin’s from Ireland.

Fighting Albert
Albert McKibbin fought with General Kitchener in Khartoum, died shortly thereafter of yellow fever on his return. His son, George, emigrated to Canada in 1912 with his family aboard the Lusitania. Ethel McKibbin, the eldest daughter, was saved by the cook during the voyage as she crawled underneath the railing.

Lusitania Torpedoed
(The Lusitania was the first passenger liner to be torpedoed by a German Submarine in World War II) The McKibbin’s were due to take the Titanic but Ruth McKibbin (the youngest daughter) was ill thus postponing the trip by one week. Look around the pub for family relics.

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