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McFaddens Restaurant and Saloon Boston

McFaddens Restaurant and Saloon

Located at 148 State Street, conveniently nestled between Faneiul Hall and the Financial District, McFadden’s is the most dynamic establishment in Boston to combine both work and play. Offering lunch, brunch, dinner, crazy nightlife or an exciting place to watch a sports game, the many facets of McFadden’s will never disappoint you or let you leave with out a smile! McFadden’s is equipped with state of the art technology including digital surround sound, ten 42″ plasma TV’s, a NEW large projection screen TV, and six booths with their own individual TV’s to watch all of our sports packages. Whether you are a part of Red Sox Nation or from out of town, we will make it comfortable for you to watch whatever team you are rooting for. (WARNING: we tend to throw objects upon disapproval of home town teams but promise to buy you a drink if you are in the line of fire.) If you are looking for a premier nightspot to party as a couple, as a single or as a group of friends, McFadden’s will always be the perfect place to have a great time. With the cities best DJs, nuttiest bartenders and courteous staff, you will experience the best service and wake up the next morning craving to come back for more.

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