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mcKibbin\’s Montreal


McKibbins on the Main has all the warmth and atmosphere of a traditional village pub. As soon as you walk in you will be surrounded by the very essence of Ireland. The sounds and smell of the pub will immediately transport you to the Emerald Isle. As you walk through the pub you will feel as though you are taking a tour of famous landmarks in Ireland.

The most prominent are the Guinness Gates of the Dublin brewery. No, we did not steal them! It was made to 3/4 scale. Stand by the lamp post for a picture and no one will know the difference. Continue past the Gates and you will see the McKibbin Cottage. This is a small replica of the family cottage in Derry. You will see pictures and artifacts that belong to the McKibbin estate. Once inside the cottage, you will feel as though Mrs. McKibbin will walk in at any moment with a warm bowl of homemade Irish stew.

Leaving the cottage through Titanic Corner, you will notice the elaborate golden Celtic letters that proudly spell MCKIBBINS PUB Est.1912. The dark walnut bar proudly displays the longest draught coffin in Canada at a staggering 8ft in length and boasts 28 taps with room for more. You can listen to live music by great local bands every night of the week or cheer for your favorite team on our HD plasmas and big screen. Come have a Sham-Rockin time on the Main.

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